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News Gran Turismo 6 Deltawing and 2012 Audi R8 LMS Ultra E3 hands-on gameplay


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Game: Gran Turismo 6

Platform: PS3

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 05/12/2013

As shown by our of recent run of E3 videos, not everyone is an expert at playing racing games – when asking if we could film passers-by on an E3 games booth, it's fair to say there was a decidedly mixed set of driving skill levels on display to put it politely. 

So, when given the opportunity to put Gran Turismo 6 through its paces we asked self-confessed racing game fan Mike Channell of Outside Xbox to show us how it's done by plonking him behind the wheel of a Nissan Deltawing and Audi R8 LMS Ultra in Gran Turismo 6's E3 demo and tell us how it drives.

His findings leave room for encouragement. While the environments are still looking a little sterile, Mike thoroughly enjoyed his drive with the Deltawing Le Mans car, noting that the handling is noticeably more responsive than GT5.

We were instantly impressed by Polyphony's recreation of the Willow Springs Speedway, and Mike's test drive revealed an interesting improvement. When veering off course, the illusion-shattering invincible walls that would stop you dead in your tracks in GT5 are now much further back in GT6, giving you more freedom to trek across wide open expanses of desert if you so desire. 

Judging from Mike's findings, it appears that Polyphony weren't exaggerating when they proclaimed that GT6's physics have been significantly improved since GT5, which was already considered the granddaddy of console driving simulators. 

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