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News Going Wreckin’ Racing in PS1 classic Destruction Derby


Kevin Dooley


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Destruction Derby for the PC and PlayStation 1 is a title that we here at Team VVV have enjoyed throughout the years and is a game that we find ourselves keep coming back to.

In our latest retro gameplay video we opt for some Wreckin' Racing on the PlayStation 1 console which tasks you to score points by crashing into other drivers while racing along in the game's many different tracks. One of the great features of Destruction Derby is its league system, you start off in division 5 and you'll need to tally up points across various events to compete for promotion to the next highest division.

A neat touch is that every car has a special roof colour which shows you which division it currently belong to, with white being 5th and black as the 1st division so you can pick and choose your targets. You can view the Wreckin' Racing multi-cam race which takes place at the Cactus Creek track below.

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