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News Getting our retro fix with Burning Road on the PS1


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Our latest retro Monday video features Burning Road, a checkpoint arcade racer for the PlayStation 1 console released back in 1996. The title was created by a French development team called Toka, who worked on Adidas Power Soccer and Explosive Racing among others, and was published in Europe by Funsoft.

After enjoying the intro music and vocal talents we head into the game's practice mode and Alan talks us through the game's release and its obvious inspiration from racing titles such as Daytona. Impressively, Burning Road not only features a replay mode and manual gears but also a cockpit view (something that even some recently released titles cannot boast).

We switch from the chase cam to the bumper cam and then cockpit cam in our second race which enables you guys to see just how bumpy the roads are in Burning Road. Burning road did get a sequel, entitled Explosive Racing, approximately 2 years later, however it turned out to be pretty awful sadly. You can view the retro goodness of Burning Road below, and you can expect more retro games to be featured on the site in the future.

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