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With the exception of the rather disappointing Carmageddon Max Damage, combat racers have become practically extinct this console generation, yet there was a time when there was an abundance of combat racers to choose from with series like Twisted Metal, Vigilante 8 and Full Auto. 

This month's release of Gas Guzzlers Extreme on Xbox One was a pleasant surprise, particularly as the popular car combat game originally came out three years ago on PC. Its debut on consoles is a straight port of the original with no extra content or improved graphics, sadly, but it does contain the Full Metal Frenzy and Full Metal Zombie expansions originally released on Steam. Thankfully, the performance in the final version has been significantly improved since our last look at Gas Guzzlers Extreme at EGX

Our first look gameplay video at Gas Guzzlers Extreme on the Xbox One takes you for a wild ride in the signature Battle Race mode where you race with weapon-mounted cars, plus the Classic Race mode which reminds me of FlatOut Ultimate Carnage and a Destruction Derby arena match. 

It's worth waiting until the end though, as we try out the Survival mode. This is essentially Call of Duty's zombie mode with cars where you have to survive waves of zombies and monsters, and it's gloriously chaotic.
A PS4 release of Gas Guzzlers Extreme is expected next year. Overall, Gas Guzzlers Extreme is a fun return to classic combat racers with enough content to tide you over until next year's console release of Wreckfest – it's just a pity it doesn't have any multiplayer. 

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