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News Futuristic racer Gravity Chase to be shown at EGX this week


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Game: Gravity Chase

Platform: PC, XBox One

Publisher: RePixel8

Release Date: Late 2020

As EGX approaches, we often receive a barrage of emails from publishers and independent developers alike announcing their new playable games due to be shown at the show. Indeed, the Indie stands have always been a highlight for discovering new and exciting ideas, and though many fail to cause a ripple, there are always odd titles that show potential.

Gravity Chase is one of those titles – a futuristic racing game which publicly takes its inspiration from titles such as Wipeout, F-Zero and Tube Slider. The sequel to Velocity G, Gravity Chase takes place in tubes or, as developer Repixel8 refers to it as, ‘Hyperloop Circuits’ – vacuum tunnels tracks which allow 360 degrees ultra-fast zero-G racing.

Besides the straightforward racing, there are also expected to be a range of pickups, powerups and weapons which will likely be used strategically to progress through the various races.

Several features have been officially revealed including:

• Single player or split screen multiplayer mode supporting up to 4 local players.
• 12 tracks at launch, each with multiple variants
• 10 customizable and up-gradable racers across several speed classes
• Unique 360 degree tunnel racing mechanic
• Multiple game modes including; Grand Prix; Time attack; Survival; Endurance; Takedown and more
• Weapons systems, including Lasers, Cannons and Mines
• 4K 60fps visuals on supported devices
• Additional tracks, racers and weapons will become available through free updates

We’ll be at EGX this week and will be sure to hunt the developers down and get a bit more info besides a hands-on, in the meantime, you can check out the trailer below.

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