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News Futuristic racer FAST RMX gets six new tracks in free Remix update


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If you haven't played the fast-paced futuristic racer FAST RMX on the Nintendo Switch in a while, you may want to boot it back up. Six months after launching on the Nintendo console, German developer Shin'en Multimedia has released a substantial update for the F-Zero-inspired racer that adds six brand new tracks – and best of all, the update is free to download. 

Called the "Remix update", the free patch adds six new Remix tracks to FAST RMX, two new cups to compete in, and refines the AI. It also marks the first time the game has been made available in Japan. 

We're big fans of the game's Wii U predecessor FAST Racing Neo, which fills the F-Zero void on Nintendo consoles. A similar update was released for the Wii U game last September with the NEO Future Pack which added eight free tracks as well as new cups and music tracks, but it was paid DLC. At the same time, FAST Racing Neo was given a physical retail release as part of Nintendo's eShop Selects program, but there's been no mention of a FAST RMX physical release yet. 

FAST RMX improves on the last game with six new tracks and five new ships, as well as native 1080p graphics. WIth the recent console releases of WipEout Omega Collection, Redout Lightspeed Edition, and Radial-G Racing Evolved, it's a great time to be a fan of the futuristic racing genre. 

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