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News Futuristic flying racer Lifespeed coming to 3DS this summer


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Wee Man Studios are currently developing a new futuristic flying racer that goes by the name of Lifespeed. The game is currently scheduled for a late summer (possibly September, although this could easily be pushed back further) release for the 3DS and will launch on the eShop for £4.99.

In Lifespeed's story mode you must battle it out with your competitors to solve galactic disputes in order to ensure your home planet's survival, if you die your planet is doomed for destruction but not before it is stripped of all its valuable resources first. The storyline is actually incorporated into the game as you race with a Starwing/Starfox-esque pop up character picture and speech box.

That's about all we know on Lifespeed at the moment, however expect more news to come from this year's E3 which starts in less than ten days now, we'll keep on eye on this racer for you and update you guys as soon as we know more. For now why not take a look at the teaser trailer below and leave us with your thoughts.


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