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News Futuristic combat racer Lifespeed releases on 3DS


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After some delays, the futuristic combat racer Lifespeed has finally made it to the Nintendo 3DS.

lifespeed art work main banner futuristic racer nintendo 3dsDeveloped by Wee Man Studios, Lifespeed features a full 360 degree control system which provides the player with a great deal of precise control even allowing climbing, descending and awesome looking barrel rolls.

The title features 8 different tracks set across four worlds located in different parts of the galaxy. You'll choose between 11 playable characters and do battle with 9 rival racers with no less than four difficulty levels available (something we need to see more of in racing titles).

Besides the usual single race mode, leader boards and championship mode, Lifespeed boasts a story mode which sees you settling galactic disputes and taking on the feared “Huntar” all in a bid to keep your planet safe. Weapons are kept simple with the traditional offerings of homing missiles and machine guns available among others.

Star Wars fans may be interested to know that the inspiration for Lifespeed actually came from the final scene in Star Wars Return of the Jedi where the rebel ships fly through the tunnels of the Death Star. 

You can find Lifespeed on the Nintendo eShop for just £4.99.

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