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News Futuristic arcade space racer Radial-G lands on PSVR


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 The fast-paced PSVR compatible futuristic racer Radial-G: Racing Revolved is now available on the PlayStation 4 console following its release on the PC earlier this year.

The anti-gravity racer features tracks with a tubular design which can be tackled with full 360-degree rotation. Rather than a racer with PSVR compatibility added, Radial-G was built from the ground up with VR in mind thus eliminating any motion sickness altogether.

With Radial-G we decided to experiment with just how insanely fast we could go in VR, whilst maintaining extremely comfortable gameplay and we’ve really found that sweet spot with the PSVR launch,” said Mark Cundle, founder & director of Tammeka Games. “When Radial-G received the amazing response that it did we knew we needed to bring it to PlayStation gamers.

Radial-G offers nine courses which will test even the more experienced of gamers thanks to the incredibly fast action which will see you take on splits, twists and jumps to a thumping EDM soundtrack. Seven race craft await, most of which can be unlocked by playing through the career mode, and each has access to seven different weapons.

You can see more of Radial-G Racing Revolved in the gallery below.

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