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News Futuristic 3DS flying racer Lifespeed gears up for release


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Independent developer Wee Man Studios have finally submitted their upcoming futuristic 3DS racer Lifespeed to Nintendo meaning its release is just around the corner.

Lifespeed was originally due for release for the 3DS late last Summer and its price point was set at a very reasonable £4.99 (available on the eShop), whether or not the price changes remains to be seen however as a year has now passed.

In Lifespeed you'll battle it out with your rivals on the track to solve disputes off the track to ensure your planet's survival. Indeed should you perish your planet will be destroyed after all valuable resources have been “obtained” (no pressure then).

The futuristic racer features 8 different tracks divided across 4 worlds located across the galaxy. You will race against 9 fellow racers and you can choose between any of 11 playable characters. 

Lifespeed actually has a full 360 degree control scheme meaning you'll be controlling your height off the ground along with the usual left and right banking around turns. Wee Man Studios have confirmed they will be attending E3 this year, no doubt we'll hear more on the 3DS racer very soon.

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