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News Future MotoGP games could come to Nintendo Switch


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With the recent release of Cars 3: Driven To Win and the upcoming release of the futuristic racer RedOut, the selection of racing games available on the Nintendo Switch is slowly starting to expand beyond the obligatory Mario Kart 8: Deluxe. If, however, you prefer your racing games to be of the two-wheeled variety, you're unfortunately out of luck. Milestone's MXGP 3 and MotoGP 17 were recently released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms, but were noticeably absent on the Nintendo Switch. 

MotoGP 17 screenshotWhile you could argue that the Switch caters for a more casual audience, there is a noticeable lack of serious racers that could work well on the portable platform. In a recent interview with Red Bull Games, Milestone ruled out the possibility of MotoGP 17 being ported to the Switch, but hinted that future titles in the series could be released on the Nintendo platform. 

"MotoGP 17 is the last title made with our in-house engine. Future titles might also be available on Switch, thanks to the support of Unreal Engine, so it's something possible from the next year on," Lead Programmer Michele Caletti told Red Bull Games.

"The development kits for Switch have been available during the late development phase of MotoGP, thus all the assets and game modes have been created without Switch in mind. Porting it now would end up with something that would not satisfy us and our users. We prefer to concentrate our efforts on building a great Switch version for the next chapter of the series."

The last MotoGP game to be released on a handheld platform was the PlayStation Vita port of MotoGP 14. Would you welcome some bike racing action on a handheld system?

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