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News Future Forza Motorsport 7 content seemingly found in game files


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Game: Forza Motorsport 7

Platform: PC, XBox One

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Release Date: 03/10/2017

An array of vehicles yet to officially be introduced to Forza Motorsport 7 have allegedly been found in the game's files.

According to the GTPlanet user 'TheAdmiester' (who's had prior form in identifying cars that were eventually launched in Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Motorsport 7), thumbnail images for 18 cars that aren't available in Forza Motorsport 7 have been discovered in the game's files.

All 18 cars found by TheAdmiester have been listed below:

  • Ascari KZ1-R
  • Aston Martin DB5 (in 'Goldfinger'/'Thunderball' spec)
  • Austin FX4
  • Austin-Healey 3000 Mark III
  • Austin-Healey Sprite Mark I
  • Bentley 8 Litre
  • Bentley Bentayga with off-road parts
  • Eagle Speedster
  • Ford Escort RS Turbo
  • Ford Fiesta GRC
  • Ford Mustang GT (2018MY)
  • Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR with off-road parts
  • McLaren Senna
  • Morris Minor Series II
  • Morgan Aero SuperSports
  • Peel P50
  • TVR Cerbera Speed 12

Whilst the find doesn't confirm the content will be made accessible to players, it does potentially indicate the sort of cars that will be introduced to the Forza series. As stated earlier, many of the cars found in similar Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Motorsport 7 leaks eventually became accessible content in those two games.

If any of these cars are destined for Forza Motorsport 7, the earliest they'll be introduced to the game will likely be via a Car Pack DLC in May.

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