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News Fun online racing game Wincars Racer lands on Steam Greenlight


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Spanish development team DragonJam Studios have announced they've launched a Steam Greenlight campaign for their free to play online racing title Wincars Racer

Its now up to the Steam community to decide whether Wincars Racer makes its way over to Steam proper by casting their votes on whether they would be interested in playing this game or not, you can cast your vote here

Wincars Racer is a fun-focused online arcade racing game that is inspired by Mario Kart, Sega Rally and Out Run to name a few. Wincars Racer forgoes traditional random powers and instead replaces them with special skills chosen by the player in a bid to add strategy and tactics into proceedings which should set Wincars Racer apart from other games in the sub-genre. For an idea of the action in Wincars Racer check out the trailer below.

To coincide with the launch of the Steam Greenlight campaign, DragonJam Studios have also launched their beta for Wincars Racer, meaning you can now download the game from the official site and give it a go.

Wincars Racers features 11 different cars, each with their own unique handling model, and 10 circuits with alternate routes to discover. Wincars Racer has the usual single player and time attack modes, however the real focus of the game will be in its online multiplayer mode with support for up to eight players.

We wish DragonJam Studios good luck with their Greenlight campaign and all going well we should see the game's launch on the PC sometime later this year.

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