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News FreeDrive stunt challenges coming to The Crew


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Game: The Crew

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: 01/12/2014

We've already covered lots of new and exciting additions that will be coming to The Crew over recent weeks and here's one more for you – FreeDrive Stunts.

FreeDrive Stunts are challenges that can be activated by anyone at any point and anywhere on the huge open-world map. While you free roam the map you can launch a stunt challenge by selecting a stunt depending on the vehicles you currently own. Several (but certainly not all according to Ivory Tower) of the new stunt challenges on offer can be viewed below:

  • Driving a certain distance.
  • Drifting a certain distance.
  • Jumping a certain distance.
  • Staying in the air for a certain time.
  • Near miss a certain number of vehicles.
  • Doing wheelies.
  • Smashing elements.

FreeDrive Stunts can be completed alone or with a crew. If in a Crew every member will need to complete the goal to allow the whole crew to successfully complete the stunt challenge. Completing challenges either alone or in a crew will grant you access to higher stunt levels which, needless to say, are more difficult but give greater rewards.

Ivory Tower say there is no limit for the FreeDrive Stunts level but once you rank up into the high levels it is recommended to bring a crew with you to help you achieve the more difficult stunt challenges.

FreeDrive stunt challenges will also have modifiers which add further difficulty to a stunt. For example you may have a challenge of maintaining a certain speed for a 30 second period with a modifier of completing the task without crashing or perhaps a modifier of staying in the oncoming traffic lanes.

These new stunt challenges sound like an intersting and fun addition to The Crew. We'll bring you more on all the latest updates for The Crew as soon as we know more. Let us know if you are looking forward to any of these updates when they surface in November.

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