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News Free update and premium DLC coming to Motorsport Manager on 21st August


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Additional gameplay elements will be coming to Motorsport Manager later this month, via a new free update and premium DLC pack

Included in the free update are an array of tweaks to the gameplay of Motorsport Manager. For instance, players will have access to an array of telemetry graphs and performance charts to access during races, and it'll also be possible to remove weight from components – albeit with the added risk of reliability failures.

Additions to AI behaviour are also incorporated in the new update, with the biggest alteration being the ability for cars to run wide off the track onto run-off areas and gravel traps.

Motorsport Manager players will be able to purchase a premium DLC pack to accompany the release of the new update. Dubbed the 'Challenge Pack', the new content pack introduces 12 scenarios for players to attempt, ranging from entry-level 'Rookie' tasks to more demanding 'Pro' and 'All-Star' tasks.

The Challenge Pack for Motorsport Manager will officially go on sale on 21st August 2017 on the Steam Store marketplace, retailing for £5.99 for UK prices. Pre-orders are also currently open for the DLC, with a 10% discount to £5.39 being the main incentive to purchase the pack before its official launch.


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