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News Free-to-play PC racing game Miami Street given limited release


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The free-to-play PC racing game Miami Street has been officially announced, in parallel with its limited initial release.

Developed by the UK-based studio Electric Square, and published by Microsoft Studios, Miami Street is touted as a "new kind of racing game" that's been "built for a broad audience who love easy and pick-up-and-play experiences".

The main aspect of Miami Street that differentiates the game from similar titles is the input scheme. With the car's steering being automatically controlled by the game, players can only dictate the acceleration and deceleration of their vehicle, by respectively holding down or releasing either the left mouse button or the keyboard's space bar.

As its name suggests, Miami Street focuses entirely on street racing, with events consisting of point-to-point races against one other opponent. Events can also feature specific entry requirements – for instance, some races will force players to only use vehicles from one of Miami Street's four car classes.

Though Miami Street is only available in limited markets at time of writing, the game will be released in other territories in due course. Furthermore, Miami Street will receive regular updates "during the initial launch and afterwards", and the references to touch screen controls in the game's FAQ page all-but-confirms the title will eventually be released on Windows 10-enabled mobile devices.

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