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News Free PC demo available now for futuristic racer AcroStorm


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Blue Comet Games has released a free playable PC demo for their upcoming PC and Wii U futuristic racer Acro Storm.

acro storm offensive weapon desert environment pc wii u futuristic racerThe demo includes arcade and time trial modes and gives players access to two racers, three bikes and two tracks so you can get a good idea how the game is shaping up at this early stage.

The development team are preparing to launch their F-Zero inspired Acro Storm on Steam Early Access which will come with more content when compared to the demo naturally and all at a “extremely cheap price”.

Acro Storm, which is touted as a “character-based racing title” will feature 16 tracks which range from desert environments to jungle planets and will even see you racing in space. Twelve interesting and colourful characters will be included each with their own unique storyline, and your hover bikes can be customised with engines and headframes upgradable.

Acro Storm features a weapon system with both offensive and defensive options and has an online focus thanks to its online play complete with direct messaging services and the chance for players to create racing clans.

You can download the demo for Acro Storm at this location

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