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News Free DriveClub PS4 theme released


Martin Bigg


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Game: Drive Club

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 07/10/2014

As if to iterate the point that DriveClub is the gift that keeps on giving, Evolution Studios has given DriveClub's legions of fans a free Christmas gift, as hinted earlier this week. Boot up the PS Store and you'll find a free DriveClub PS4 theme ready to unwrap. 

It's only a static theme, but the artwork is pretty snazzy, sharing a similar minimalist style to the DriveClub steelbook. It even produces the soothing sound of car engine notes in the background, which is particularly a treat for surround sound speaker owners. We approve. 

DriveClub may have been released over a year ago, but there's still lots to look forward to as Evolution teased the inclusion of city tracks on the horizon in 2016 this week.

Will you be playing DriveClub over Christmas?

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