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News Free DriveClub MotorStorm buggy released as April Fools DLC


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Game: Drive Club

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 07/10/2014

We really didn't expect to see leaked videos of buggies invading DriveClub over the past week, which got a lot of fans wondering if Evolution are secretly working on a next-gen MotorStorm sequel. Now it all makes sense: they were reserving it as an April Fools joke. Except this isn't a traditional April Fools joke in that you actually can download the MotorStorm buggy in DriveClub. Seriously, we're not joking, you can download it for free right now. Check the PS Store if you don't believe us.

Called the Wombat Typhoon, the buggy was a fan favourite in the madcap MotorStorm series last seen on PS3, in which vehicles from just about every class you can think of competed in high-octane off-road races. Much mayhem ensued. It was great fun, and I wouldn't say no to a current-gen remake.  DriveClub is quite the diversion by comparison with its licensed cars photorealistic graphics and no nosense racing, but it seems Evolution hasn't quite got their fabled MotorStorm series out of their system just yet. 

And in case you were worried it would only be available for a limited time, Evolution's Paul Rustchynsky has confirmed that the Wombat Typhoon will feature in a single player tour set for release next month, so it looks like it's here to stay.

Oh if only we had some MotorStorm-esque off-road tracks to fully utilise the buggy. Never say never, though, as the Lunatics Expansion is rumoured to be April's expansion, so we could be seeing the return of a few more old favourites from MotorStorm in DriveClub and hopefully a new location to go with it.

Edit: Our man Alan has since taken the Wombat Typhoon buggie for a spin, and found it hard to tame with a wheel.

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