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News Free ‘Custom Rides and Racing’ DLC released for Mafia 3


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Mafia 3 players will now be able to participate in single-player street races, courtesy of a new free piece of car-themed DLC.

Dubbed the 'Custon Rides and Racing' DLC, the core focus of this new content are the twelve new races that players can participate in. Split evenly between circuit lap and point-to-point events, these events reward players with new upgrades for the six cars you earn by playing the game – with a Griffin Marauder high-performance roadster being the prize for winning all 12 events.

The Custom Rides and Racing DLC also introduces 50 new customisation parts for the aforementioned six cars (as well as the three vehicles included in Mafia 3's Family Kick Back DLC). A currently undisclosed percentage of these parts are, like the Griffin Marauder, only available upon completing races events – though it has been confirmed that more car modification parts will be introduced to the game in the near future.

Mafia 3 players can download the free Custom Rides and Racing content from their respective Xbox, PlayStation and PC marketplaces. In order to access the race events in game, players will need to have their first sit-down with the three lieutenants in the singleplayer campaign.

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