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The first in-game screen shot and box art has emerged today for the highly secretive Forza Horizon.

Developed by Leamington Spa-based studio Playground Games, we were previously left to analyse a live-action teaser trailer which revealed very little of what the game may contain.

Location-wise, the screenshot stays true to ambience of the trailer, depicting a gloriously rendered 2013 SRT Viper (which is also due to appear in Forza Motorsport 4 at some stage) speeding down an open American highway with a picturesque canyon backdrop. From the screenshot alone, Forza Horizon is already looking very pretty indeed, which is no mean feat when you consider this is Playground Games’ first project, along with the added pressure of being entrusted with the keys to the Forza franchise.

Open to wide speculation, today’s release confirms the thoughts of many as Turn 10 revealed: “Forza Horizon combines the automotive thrills that Forza fans expect with a gorgeous open-road world that begs to be explored.” Confirming the open world with the customisation and car list of Forza must surely be a dream come true and with massive potential – hopefully this will be the game that Test Drive: Unlimited 2 should have been.

We’ll be following every detail on this game as its nears launch besides the usual extensive VVV video content, Forza Horizon will be revealed at E3 with a release expected for October 2012.

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