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News Forza Horizon Expansion Pack, DLC details & Season Pass perks announced


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Game: Forza Horizon

Platform: XB360, XBox One

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Release Date: 23/10/2012

On top of the game's car list that's been steadily revealed week by week for the last two months or so, Playground Games and Turn 10 have just announced some of the perks that come with buying the Season Pass that we reported on in September.

And, interestingly, it covers quite a lot of new downloadable content news.

In fact, so much has been announced in this new release that we're splitting the article into segments, so you don't lose track of what's where and such (it was certainly a bit confusing for us when we first skim-read the press packet!)

So, without further ado, let's kick things off with the…

Month One Car Pack:

As its name suggests, this is the first post-release downloadable car pack for Forza Horizon. In the press release, the 'Month One' pack will be available from October 23rd for 400 Microsoft Points or, if you're a Season Pass holder, the price you paid for the Pass covers the cost of the car pack (as, indeed, it does for the next five Car Packs the RRP of the Season Pass pays for).

But what about the cars? Well, they are the:

• Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione – the fastest Ferrari around Fiorano that isn't a Formula One car. Claimed to be quicker around a circuit with the assists on than with the assists off. We don't think you'll need to tune this much to stay competitive…

• Gumpert Apollo Enraged – Essentially a road-going Apollo with the 780bhp engine from the Apollo racer and a unique paint job. Only three were made in real life. Depending on how many bought the Season Pass, you may see a few more in Forza Horizon.

• Alfa Romeo 8C Spider – Just like the 8C Competizione, but without a roof. Revised suspension apparently means it handles better than the hardtop. Not that you needed an excuse to buy the convertible over the coupe…

• Ford Mustang Boss 302 – Modern day version of the iconic Trams-Am racer from the Sixties. Widely cited to be one of the best handling American sports cars ever made. Proof that you don't always need sophistication and cutting edge technology to make a good performance car.

• Lamborghini Aventador J – One-off roofless Aventador commissioned by a long-term (and very wealthy) Lamborghini client. Claimed it cost the owner over £1,000,000. Worth every penny, if you ask us!

• Chevrolet Bel Air – One of the definitive big 'Yank Tanks' from the Golden Era of the Fifties. Forza Horizon now has a super-cool cruising tool. That is, unless you turn it into one of the game's ultimate sleepers…

Rally Expansion Pack:
The press release also announced the first initial details for Forza Horizon's first expansion pack. There wasn't much on it, other than a brief summary of what it'll contain and when it'll go on sale, but what has been revealed is very intriguing nonetheless.

Called the 'Rally Expansion Pack', Turn 10 and Playground Games claim that the package will contain new events, new achievements and new cars, and will go on sale on December 16th for 1,600 Microsoft Points. Or – yes, you guessed it! – it comes as part of the Season Pass bundle.

Of course, what everyone's going to be speculating about are the cars this new pack will be featuring – will they be genuine rally machinery, or will they instead be cars that are based on or used to homologate the fire-spitting monsters that slither about on the special stages? We simply don't know, but we have been told all will be revealed in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled on the Team VVV news page…

Season Pass Bonus Cars:

The full list of Season Pass Bonus Cars will, like the details for the Rally Expansion Pack, be announced in the coming weeks. However, we do know of the ride you'll be able to acquire in November: the Lamborghini Miura Concept.


So, that's all the details from that press release all done and dusted (we did say there was a lot in it!). The question is, what do you all think of it? Is it enough to entice you into getting the Season Pass, or are those of who who've bought it feeling a bit 'robbed' – the Mustang Boss and Chevy Bel Air were already DLC for Forza 4, and the aforementioned Miura Concept has, until now, come as standard in every Forza game since FM2!

Comment below, discuss it in our Forums or submit it via a post on our Facebook page. We interested to see what you make of the Forza Horizon Season Pass, now we all know a lot more about what it entails.

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