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News Forza Horizon ‘1000 Club’ Expansion Pack revealed


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Game: Forza Horizon

Platform: XB360, XBox One

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Release Date: 23/10/2012

With the relativley-prices-at-times DLC and the lack of things to do in Forza Horizon once the career mode has been completed bar the online aspect, the latest expansion pack for Forza Horizon aims to address those two issues, by adding a host of new content for the game for free.

Set to be ready for download on April 16th, the '1000 Club' pack's premise essentially revolves around this: every car in the game will have five bespoke challenges assigned to it, varying from point-to-point and speed zone challenges, right up to drifting and smashing up the destructible scenery.

Turn 10 and Playground Games also claim that "all of the challenges have been custom designed to fit the unique personality and strengths of each car in the game", which does bode well for the absense of 'rinse-and-repeat' game modes and events.

On top of all this, two new cars come with the 1000 Club expansion pack: the Ruf CTR2 and a 1958 Ford F100, the latter of which will certainly appeal to players who like a game's car roster to be a bit quirky at times.

Whether or not the 1000 Club pack delivers on its makers' promises, however remains to be seen. Given it's free, though, we can't criticise the expansion content that much…

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