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News Forza 5: Build A Beast – Forza Motorsport 2 tribute


The game that started my long journey to driving in video games was Forza Motorsport 2. I remember every day after school going around to a mates and putting Forza 2 into my Xbox and racing around pretending we were driving as if it were real life. The main thing that I can always look back to with Forza 2 is it had the whole new feeling of a new generation of game where you not only just drove the cars but you tuned and painted them. I would spend more time painting and tuning cars because it was such an amazing feeling to create something that was unique to you.

I still spend more time painting and tuning my cars more then I ever actually drive them and that’s why I love Forza Motorsport so much because its not just about racing. I made this video in dedication to show the very first time I ever drove in a Forza Motorsport game and it was in the beautifully painted Nissan 350z. I was such a terrible driver at the time and I always had trouble at the downhill corner section but somehow after that I would always manage to recover and still finish the place in a good position.

So I dedicate this Build a Beast to pay tribute to the game that has made me the Gamer that I am today!


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