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News Formula Truck 2013 updated to v1.25, new track added


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Reiza Studios have updated their PC truck racing simulator, Formula Truck 2013, to version 1.25. The main attraction in the recent update is undeniably the addition of the Salvador Street Circuit. 

Other changes include updated terrain shaders & textures for four tracks: Cascavel, Londrina, Spielberg and Tarumã, improved rear view mirror resolution, tweaked level of detail settings for all trucks, and many more fixes and improvements.

Formula Truck 2013 simulates the popular Brazilian Formula Truck series. The PC simulator features over 25 racing trucks and drivers and 15 race tracks with close to twenty layouts. 

You can purchase Formula Truck 2013 on Steam for £14.99, check out the full v1.25 changelog below.

Formula Truck 2013 v1.25 changelog


Added Salvador Street Circuit 

General features / Bug Fixes 

Added option to set session start time (24h cycle); 

Fixed trackside flags animation; 

Controller menu (min 180º max 900º); 

Minimum vertical FOV setting adjusted from 35º to 10º (IMPORTANT – Don´t use DEFAULT option as it resets to 34 upon restarting the game – set it to 50 if you want the proper default value); 

Adjusted LOD settings for all Trucks; 

Updated terrain shaders & textures for Cascavel, Londrina, Spielberg and Tarumã; 

Improved AI racing lines for Brasilia Long, Jacarepagua 2005 & Cordoba; 


Added a default player profile (if you already have created a profile you might have to switch back to it from the PROFILE menu); 

If you have created a new player profile and are experiencing the graphical microstutterinmg, open your USERDATAPlayernamePlayername.PLR, and look for these lines: 

Sky Update Frames="8" // Frames between sky and light updates 

Change it to: 

Shadow Updates="8" // Static shadow updates per frame (Shadow Updates * Sky Update Frames should exceed number of static shadows on track) 

For non-Steam users, a full updated installer will be coming up soon.

Formula Truck 2013 for Windows – PC is the official simulator of the popular Brazilian Formula Truck series – the most competitive truck racing series in the world! 
Experience the thrill of racing aboard the 5-ton, 1200 HP turbocharged super-trucks which compete in the series!

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