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News Formula 2 car added to rFactor 2


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Game: Rfactor 2

Platform: PC

Publisher: Image Space Incorporated

Release Date: 28/03/2013

The rFactor 2 may still be in beta phase, but much like project CARS, the highly anticipated simulation game seems to be shaping up quite nicely, with new updates and improvements regularly being added to the demo.

Rendered and programmed with the input of Formula 2 Chief Engineer James Goodfield to "ensure maximum realism", the car's implementation seems to be a very accurate one on a visual level. And, as Alan found out in his preview vid we've embedded below, it seems to be very impressive for a first attempt!

As this is the first 'build' of a Formula 2 car in what is a development demo, there are a few niggles that developer ISI has announced – the full list of 'issues' that should be dealt with and rectified in the near future is below:

"- There are 20 AI drivers from F2. Run with 19-20 AI for a full field.

– AI are using statistics and results from the first 12 rounds. Any drivers who participate or get better/worse after round 12, will be added/edited in a later tweak.

– Overboost is disabled until proper rules are implemented.

– Some users may experience white LED shift lights.

– We believe wet tyres are too slippery in heavy wet conditions and are waiting on more data."

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