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News Former WipeOut devs working on Formula Fusion for PS4, Xbox One & PC


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Game: Formula Fusion

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: R8 Games

Release Date: Re-branded as "Pacer"

Sony’s shutdown of SCE Studio Liverpool seemingly spelled the end for WipeOut, the much-loved futuristic racer that’s been a staple of PlayStation since the very beginning when the developer was then known as Psygnosis, thus dashing hopes for the series to make a return for launch of PS4.

An official successor seems unlikely for now. However, it turns out some former developers that worked on the original WipeOut series have formed their own company called R8Games to work on an apparent spirtual successor. Previously known as Slamjet Racing, the rebranded Formula Fusion is aiming to land on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

To showcase their vision, R8 Games have released some early concept footage of Formula Fusion in an effort to gain feedback. Featuring a futuristic craft racing at ludicrous speeds on a neon-infused environment to the tune of pumping techno, it’s clear the trailer was designed to strike a chord with wistful WipeOut fans.


“We are going to cater for those that just want to pick up and race but we also want people to be able to personalise their race experience by tailoring their craft, more for single player race leagues – if you want to be a combative weapons racer you can concentrate on weapons tech, if you want to be a speed demon then you can look at boost technology, if you want perfection then you can look at balance systems. There will be different race classes and it will be less about finding that perfect set up and rather more about developing a craft that suits your style of play and the track you have chosen.”

“The game is more about science and technology colliding with the world of AG racing. There is a research element and teams will have a distinctive vibe – with some teams finding it easier than others to research particular areas and some teams starting off with slight advantages. I could ace some of the tracks I played but they each had a slight different personality to them, on some of the bends I would have liked a bit more control to shave that extra second off for example.

As you progress through the leagues you will be able to advance through different craft – working your way up to the GHOST leagues, which includes alien craft and associated technology specific to each team. We want to take this game to the next level and really push the speed aspect so there will be a lot of experimentation with the HUD to get the balance of hud based and track based navigation just right, considering the speeds we want to get out of the game. The idea is to make it truly visceral.”

Of course, WipeOut was renowned for its electro soundtrack, and Formula Fusion will follow suit with a music produced by DUB FX and other artists. VR support is also said to be a possibility.

Does a next-gen spiritual successor to WipeOut excite you? Let us know in the comments below.

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