Former Driveclub & WipEout devs open 'Secret Sorcery' studio - Team VVV

News Former Driveclub & WipEout devs open ‘Secret Sorcery’ studio


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A number of developers behind games such as Driveclub, Motorstorm and WipEout have joined forces recently and opened a new studio called Secret Sorcery.

The new studio, based in St Helens, England, has been set up in order for the team to “channel their creative energies into a number of original and highly immersive VR games”. The team is said to have vast experience with VR devices such as the Oculus Rift and Sony's Project Morpheus.

Secret Sorcery tease on their official website “something magical is coming” and according to reports they will be sharing some early work at this year's E3 which starts at the end of the week. Not long to wait then until we see what magic the new studio have been working on, stay tuned for more.

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