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News First trailer released for Wii U and PC racer AcroStorm


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Indie development team Blue Comet Games have released their very first trailer for their upcoming Wii U and PC futuristic racer Acro Storm.

The hover bike racer is influenced by games like F-Zero, Wipeout and Extreme-G but carves out its own identity by featuring 14 different characters each of which boasting their own storyline. The last we heard Acro Storm will feature 16 tracks with environments such as jungles and even a track in space included.

Check out the new trailer below.

Hoverbikes can be upgraded by interchanging parts including the engine and headframe which affects power and handling respectively. Blue Comet Games have now confirmed that Acro Storm will feature an online multiplayer mode complete with clans and leaderboards.

Currently Blue Comet Games have been strongly considering launching Acro Storm on Steam's Greenlight programme as well as possibly looking towards crowdfunding site Kickstarter to help raise funds for development. We'll bring you more on Acro Storm as soon as we can.

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