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News First person kart racer VR Karts skids onto the Oculus Rift


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Viewpoint Games have released their first-person virtual reality kart racer VR Karts for the Oculus Rift.

VR Karts puts you in the seat of a fun looking racing kart in a world that wouldn't look out of place in a cartoon, in short VR Karts is all about having fun. Despite the child-like visuals VR Karts along with all VR games are not recommended for children as their eyes and bodies are still developing.

VR Karts features the usual array of powerups and weapons including boosts and homing missiles but also throws in some more unusual ones: bee hives and spike strips. VR Karts of course features the Oculus eye tracking so you can look all around you and check your mirrors just incase there's an incoming homing missile hell bent on hitting your rear end.  Check out the trailer below.

VR Karts has 4 different cups to compete in: Rookie, Amateur, Pro and Random. you can race with up to 8 players online, an compete in the time trial mode complete with online leaderboards. Viewpoint Games promise new and free content will be released for VR Karts in the coming months. VR Karts is available right now on Oculus Home and Steam for £10.99.

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