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News First Gran Turismo 6 gameplay featuring Mercedes SLS GT3 goes live


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Game: Gran Turismo 6

Platform: PS3

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 05/12/2013

It may have been a few weeks since the Gran Turismo 6 reveal at Silverstone on May 15th, but recorded gameplay footage of the much-anticipated PS3 exclusive is still finding their way onto the web,

The latest such clip (sourced from the YouTube channel) features off-screen action at the Silverstone venue in a Mercedes-Benz SLS GT3, one of the three new Mercedes-Benz offerings that'll appear in GT6 from launch, and one of the 150 new cars to the Gran Turismo franchise.

 Whilst it's impossible to take the footage on face value, it does give us a brief look at the improved lighting engine, the HUD and the accuracy of the Silverstone renderings.

 Of more interest are perhaps the sound effects – as stated earlier, nothing definitive can be stated at this moment in time, but it does appear that the transmission whine has been reduced considerably in this early build of Gran Turismo 6 when compared with Gran Turismo 5 (in GT5, full-on racing cars come with customisable transmissions, which noticeably increases the transmission whine to near Shift 2: Unleashed levels of OTT ludicrousy when applied to road cars)

Work may need to be done in order to make the engine and exhaust samples more accurate, though, as the "vacuum cleaner whoosh" from GT5 appears to have been retained (for comparison purposes, we've embedded an on-board video of the real SLS GT3 below, as well as fairly recent user-generated gameplay footage of Project CARS in Build 461 state).

Still, the quality of the sound effects don't necessarily make or break a racing game, and we're certain that PD will continue to tinker with the SFX before the game's ready to go on sale, as well as (if GT5 is anything to go by) through post-launch patches.

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