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News First gameplay teased for upcoming open-world racer Speed Elixir


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Speed Elixir is an open world racer currently in development by Electro Phantom Games and is currently scheduled to release on the PC in December 2016 with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions to follow shortly after.

Electro Phantom have just released their first ever gameplay video of an early Alpha version of Speed Elixir as seen below. The video showcases the driving model within the game with the handling set to arcade and the game in “easy drifting” mode. According to the development team Speed Elixir's handling model ranges between fully arcade to simulation.

In arcade mode the title has a very Need for Speed style of gameplay with impressive looking drifts and on the edge driving. It has been described as an arcade game about “driving fast and drifting at corners” so it remains to be seen how the simulation handling model plays and how well it suits a game of this nature.

Speed Elixir will feature “15 types of game play” a day and night cycle and dynamic weather system however other than that Electro Phantom are keep their cards close to their chest regarding details. We'll keep an eye on this racer as more details will become available closer to launch.

Why not check out the previously released trailer below.

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