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News First gameplay of quest-based hovercraft racer Smugglecraft emerges


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Happy Badger Studio, a small independent game developer from St Louis, Missouri, have just released the first ever gameplay footage of their upcoming quest-based hovercraft racing game SmuggleCraft.

SmuggleCraft approaches the racing genre from a completely different angle, gameplay is driven by missions which involve illegal contraband and high-speed chases. You must attain wealth to pay off debts, upgrade your hovercraft and help out the side of your choice in SmuggleCraft's world social conflict.

Take a look at the gameplay trailer below which shows the single-player campaign and split-screen competitive multiplayer modes in action.

Tracks in SmuggleCraft are procedurally generated and so no two experiences will be the same. Quests branch off with alternate endings based off of your decisions, and so your experience with the game will be tailored around you. The hovercrafts are fully customisable, Happy Badger Studio promise hundreds of combinations with their modular crafting system for example.

SmuggleCraft is the first console title for Happy Badger Studio, it will launch for Playstation 4, PC, Mac and Linux platforms in Spring 2016. The hovercraft racer appeared on Steam's Greenlight programme last month. We'll keep you updated on this potentially intriguing racer with future updates.

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