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News First Assetto Corsa January update to add AI racing opponents?


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Game: Assetto Corsa

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: 505 Games

Release Date: 19/12/2014

Assetto Corsa's fortnightly content updates will resume on January 17th after taking a break over the Christmas period. While it will invetibly contain a slew of new cars to play with, Kunos Simulazioni has hinted that we can possibly expect an exciting new feature: the addition of AI opponents. This will be a significant update, as Assetto Corsa will be Kunos' first ever title to feature AI. 

The nature of the Early Access build has meant that Assetto Corsa was initially released as a barebones shell of a package, with a handful of cars, tracks and game modes. Currently, only time trial, drift and drag racing events are avaiable, but this is soon set to change with the option of full grid racing. 

"Our top priority and objective at the moment is to optimise the AI and have it working at least on some special events," Kunos revealed on the Assetto Corsa FaceBook page. Multiplayer is said to arrive after AI, as stated in a reply on Twitter.

Whether AI opponents will feature in the next update hasn't been confirmed, but it seems that Kunos are hoping to include it in some form judging from the "at least on some special events" comment.

A couple of videos showcasing the AI in action in a race with the Taatus FA01 single seater has emerged courtesy of Stefano Casillo , who posted them on his personal YouTube channel. They're unfortuantely not direct feed quality, but what's shown is still tantalysing nonetheless: the first shows the race from the replay perspective, whereas the second is an on-board cockpit view video: 



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