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News Final Fantasy XV demoed during Microsoft E3 Press Confrence


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Square Enix's upcoming chapter in the long running Final Fantasy series was again demoed at this year’s E3. During the Microsoft conference director Hajime Tabata came to the stage to show off the first ever display of the game running on Xbox One.

The game section on show was described as the “Trial of Titan”. As Square’s product manager Matthew Kishimoto put it, protagonist Noctis is being tested by a gigantic titan. While fighting, an opposing army joins the fray setting up a 3 way battle. You can see from the trailer below that the combat mechanics provide a more fluid and free moving approach compared to its predecessors. There is a strong resemblance to some of the battle mechanics of Final Fantasy XIII and its spin offs, something that shouldn’t be to surprising considering this game started out life as “Versus XIII”  a blood relative of these games, but

“We Excited to show off how fast and fluid the new battle system is” Kishimoto added “ …which we’ve never achieved in any previous final fantasy title“

More details are sure to be revealed later this week at Square’s E3 conference but for now enjoy the trailer below.

Final Fantasy XV will be released for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 30th 2016.

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