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News Ferrari, Lamborghini and Italy track spotted in DriveClub designer showreel


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Game: Drive Club

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 07/10/2014

It's obvious that Evolution is still keeping many details on DriveClub carefully under wraps. Considering the PS4's flagship racer is potentially only six weeks away, there's been little in the way of car or track announcements, or even some further insight into the game modes and social dynamics.   

While PS4 players are becoming impatient over the lack of news on DriveClub since its delay which could cause interest to wane if Evolution isn't careful, the studio's Graphic Designer Richard Weaver has posted a revealing video showreel of his work, which may have inadvertantly spoiled some of the surprise announcements Evolution had in-store for DriveClub in the weeks leading up to its release.


Picking apart the video reveals some snapshots of some previously unannounced cars from the UI: the Ferrari 599XX and Lamborghini Aventador. If these are indeed planned for the final game, it's not surprising to see Evolution were waiting to reveal these big-name licenses until a later date closer to the release, and their inclusion would be a great selling point for the game alongisde other already-announced manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi and RUF. 

While the Ferrari is quite clear to see along with what could be confirmation of a photo mode in DriveClub, eagle-eyed users over on NeoGaf spotted the Lamborghini Aventador during a glimpse of the UI, which uses an image of the Aventador's wheel as part of a tab suggesting cars to purchase.

As well as showing glimpses of the preliminary interface, a track set in Italy can also be seen on another tab whilst also suggesting that replays will be available in DriveClub. 

Of course, while the video is very revealing, it's still in no way indicative of the final game and the cars still haven't been seen in-game, so at this point we have to count this as speculation until we have official confirmation from Sony. 

Evolution's Design Director Paul Rustchynsky has since had his say on the reveal:

"Just wanted to jump in and say that the UI Concept was created before DRIVECLUB went into production, and is therefore not representative of the final product. Nor are the cars or locations used guaranteed to be in the game either as they were just used for demonstration purposes.

It's a cool concept though :)"

It's not confirmation, but it's not exactly outright denial, either. Depending on when the materials shown in the video date from, it does seem likely that the UI would have undergone changes during the development, though, but what's shown here looks very slick indeed, if a tad too Windows 8-esque. 

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