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Before I start, I believe an introduction is in order.
I'm Steve Benway, owner of Retro Gaming Collector website, and SteveBenway – Retro Gaming Collector youtube channel.

So, as you might have guessed, I collect retro video game hardware, while accumulating a lot of games to go with it, and I make videos of them.

Racing games!

My style is somewhat idiosyncratic (some might say idiotic), as I generally play badly, without having read the instructions, or familiarised myself with the game. This is deliberate, as I'm trying to capture that "just got home with a new game and got to play it… right now" experience. I provide commentary, which is always recorded live while I play. This exacerbates the dodgy playing, but the spontaneous nature of it adds to the dry humour that runs through many of my videos. 

Okay, introduction out of the way… here's a video which was a response to a community question on youtube "What are your favourite racing games?" 
It seems like a good place to start, and gives a fair impression of the kind of games you can expect to see from me in the future (though most videos won't be as long).

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