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News FAST RMX will now be a Switch launch title


Kevin Dooley


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Nintendo has revealed that the previously announced futuristic racer (and sequel of sorts to FAST Racing Neo) FAST RMX will be arriving as Nintendo Switch launch game.

FAST RMX will launch alongside Nintendo's newest console on March 3 and will boast nearly twice the amount of content compared to Racing Neo.

So far developer Shin'en Multimedia has confirmed the F-Zero inspired title will feature 15 futuristic racing crafts and 30 tracks which set across many different locations such as the alpine peaks, futuristic cities and canyons all confirmed with more included.

FAST RMX will continue the recent trend of indie racers supporting local spilt screen gameplay with the option of sharing a screen with up to three other players for some old-school fun. Elsewhere online multiplayer races will host up to eight players, and the title will run at 1080p resolution and at 60 frames per second. 

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