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News FAST Racing NEO’s release date announced, coming very shortly


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Shin'en Multimedia have just announced that their Wii U futuristic racer FAST Racing Neo will release exclusively through the Nintendo Wii U eShop on December 10 for just £10.99/ €14.99 / $14.99.

Looking at the game will no doubt give rise to comparisons with the likes of F-Zero and Wipeout, however FAST Racing Neo does a good job of providing some unique gameplay mechanics to separate itself from those titles. For instance in order to go as fast as you can you'll need to match your craft's booster colour with that of the boost pads to receive a speed burst. Also littered across the stages are energy orbs which also provide a speed boost upon pressing the boost button. You can check out our hands on with the game with an explanation from the Art Director Martin Sauter at this year's EGX event below.

FAST Racing Neo is the successor to 2011's FAST Racing League, and was first announced in 2013, originally scheduled for a 2014 release. The racer features 16 impressive looking and varied tracks, 60 crafts and will run at a beautifully smooth 60 frames per second at 720p resolution.

FAST Racing Neo will have support for online and offline competitive multiplayer races. Offline mutiplayer races can support up to four players in split screen and eight can jump into the action online.

Shin'en have already stated that they'd love to stick to Nintendo hardware in the future although this is dependent on the success of FAST Racing Neo. The development team have even hinted that they could talk about their very next game as soon as next year. We'll keep you updated on FAST Racing Neo along with any future racing titles from Shin'en Multimedia as soon as we possibly can.

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