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News Fanatec unveils Rennsport Cockpit V2


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German peripheral manufacturer Fanatec has unveiled V2 of its revered Rennsport racing Cockpit. 

As is the norm with Fanatec's plethora of products we have no doubt it will be exquisitely engineered, but the biggest perk here is the focus on user customisation, allowing sim racers to build a rig tailor-made to their specification using a range of Fanatec accessories.

Fanatec has outlined the available accessories to accompany the rig, which are as follows:

  • A choice of 3 different seats: Fanatec RS, Sparco Pro 2000 and RS333
  • A sound holder for realistic sound effects and immersion
  • A shifter holder for a perfect driving position
  • A single and a triple monitor stand for visual immersion

Unsurprisingly, the super swanky, high-end unit costs a pretty penny. The base frame alone will cost 999 euros/US dollars, and that's before you factor in any of the aforementioned accessories. The cheapest of the three available seats will cost another 199 euros/US dollars and the single/triple monitor stand will set you back another 249.00 euros/US dollars.

Add in another 34.95 euros/US dollars for the sound holder and 49.95 euros/US dollars for the shift holder, and the complete package amounts to over 1500 euros/US dollars. Ouch. Definitely something we can safely file under "one for hardcore enthusiasts only", then.

You can head over to Fanatec's website for full pricing details and specifications. 

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