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News Fanatec unveils new ‘Oval Rim’ replica CSW wheel


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Fanatec has unveiled yet another wheel accessory for its Club Sport Wheel base, this time inspired by the rims used in stock car racing.

With a 350mm diameter, Fanatec's new 'Oval Rim' design is the exact same size as the steering wheels used in current NASCAR races, The Alcantara padding around the wheel rim is also inspired by what can be found on NASCAR stock cars.

Another interesting feature of the Oval Rim is the solitary encoder button, which players can assign up to seven different functions to.

Much like the 'Classic Rim' and 'Formula Carbon Rim' attachments announced by Fanatec last week, the Oval Rim isn't – at 349.95 Euros – an especially affordable addition, especially when the Clubsport Wheel Base it's designed for isn't included.

Fanatec has yet to announce a specific release date for the Oval Rim, other than stating the accessory will go on sale sometime "this summer".

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