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News Fanatec unveils Classic Rim add-on


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Remember when Fanatec teased that they were working on an "insanely cool addition" to the ClubSport Wheel Base a few weeks ago? Turns out we were right in predicting it would be another wheel rim add-on accessory.

Fanatec has unveiled the swanky Classic Rim for the ClubSport Wheel Base, the latest product in their rich racing peripheral portfolio.

The Classic Rim joins the family of BMW GT2 & Formula rims, and is unmistakably marketed as a premium product. Fanatec boast that no plastic can be found on the Classic Rim, as it is made up of high quality polished aluminium and leather materials.

Unsurprisingly, such high quality materials come at a cost: the Fanatec Clasisc Rim can be yours for a whopping 349.49 Euro. That's a hefty asking price, considering you can buy a fully functioning force feedback wheel for a similar amount of money. 

The Fanatec Classic Rim will be available this summer. Would you pay this much for a bare wheel rim? Let us know in the comments below, on our FaceBook page or on our forum.

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