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News Fanatec announces Universal Hub: “A revolution in Sim Racing”


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Fanatec continue to bombard us with new product reveals. Turns out all those swanky Wheel Rims that we originally perceived to be overpriced were leading up to this: the Universal Hub for the ClubSport Wheel. 

The Universal Hub allows you to mount any of the six recently-unveiled Wheel Rims to the ClubSport Wheel. Better still, you'll also be able to mount a range of aftermarket wheel rims from suppliers such as Momo, Sparco, or OMP. 

The following Fanatec Wheel Rims can be fitted to the Universal Hub, each retailing for 99.95:

  • Classic
  • Oval
  • Round1
  • Flat1
  • GT
  • Drift

If none of these suit your taste, then the 6-hole-pattern is designed to be compatible with aftermarket wheel rims from the aforementioned suppliers. Wheel Rims from other manufacturers will also be compatible with adapters. 


The following components are included with the Universal Hub:

  • 4 x small button boxes with 3 buttons each
  • 2 x small levers and 2 x long levers
  • 1 x pair of small shifter paddles
  • 1 x pair of large and fully adjustable shifter paddles
  • 1 x Encoder with 7 functions: turn left, turn right, up, down, left, right, push
  • LED display to show Tuning and telemetry info. Can we used in two positions
  • USB charging port (no data)

There is also a 5th connector for another button box and the data port for further expansion of functionality. An analog joystick or vibration function is not supported at this point.

16 buttons have been placed on top of hte hub, allowing for full functionality if you prefer to a cleaner look without the button boxes – the button boxes are mapped to these 16 buttons, preventing any loss of functionality if they are out of reach.

The Fanatec Universal Hub will be available this summer for 249,95 Euro / USD (incl. tax / excl. tax). 

We take back our previous gripes with the pricing of the wheel rims now that we have the full picture. Commendments to Fanatec for surprising us with such an innovative, and potentially revolutionary, peripheral for sim racers.    

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