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News Fanatec announces new ClubSport service packages


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Fanatec, the renowned manufacturer of some pretty impressive racing game peripherals, has just announced a pair of new service options for its ClubSport Wheel (CSW) range of products.

The first of these new deals is the "Premium Service", which gives those who select it priority service from Fanatec. The Premium Service also gives buyers the ability to acquire devices on loan, whilst the equipment they purchashed is in the process of being repaired or replaced.

The second service package is what Fanatec calls the "CSW Maintenance & Repair Service", which provides aftercover care and support for CSW peripherals for up to three months after the factory warranty has expired.

Though it only covers the CSW Base unit, can only be used once during the three months it's active for and doesn't include shipping costs, the Maintenance and Repair Service is pretty thorough – all the components are cleaned, and any that have sustained damage of any sorts will be repaired or replaced when necessary. A full inspection is also carried out to make sure the CSW Base is functioning properly.

All of this, though, does come at a price – the Maintenance and Repair Service comes in as a one-time additional purchase of 150€, whilst the Premium Service retails for 50€. Those who buy the complete CSW pack – which consists of the Base, along with the BMW and Formula wheels – in one transaction have the Premium Service included in the bundle for free.

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