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News Fanatec announces McLaren GT3 CSL Elite wheel rim


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Fanatec has unveiled its latest addition to the CSL Elite wheel rim range, ahead of its official release in February 2018.

Officially called the Fanatec CSL Elite Steering Wheel Mclaren GT3, the new rim is claimed to be an almost-exact reproduction of the wheel used in McLaren's real life GT racing cars. According to Fanatec, the only major external difference is the replacement of the center rotary dial in place of a one-inch OLED display.

New-to-Fanatec functionalities are also included in the McLaren GT3 wheel rim add-on. An F1-style dual-clutch biting point mode is present, allowing users to "achieve the best start every time the lights go off", and the quick release mechanism that debuts on the McLaren GT3 wheel will available on all future Fanatec wheels.

Whilst the wheel is an officially licensed Xbox One wheel, the Fanatec McLaren GT3 rim can also be used on the PC and PlayStation 4 – though only if the wheel base being used is fully compatible with either of those platforms.

More details on availability and pricing for the Fanatec CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 are expected to be made closer to the add-on's official release on 15th February 2018.

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