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News Fanatec announces licensing agreement with Microsoft


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German racing game peripheral maker Fanatec has announced a licensing agreement with Microsoft.

According to the official press release, the new deal will guarantee a "broad range of racing wheels" that are suitable for "all kinds of racing styles and budgets" will be made available for the Xbox One console.

The release text also revealed that existing owners of Xbox 360-compatible Fanatec pedals, shifters, handbrakes and wheel rims can be used to play racing games with on the Xbox One.

However, wheel rims must first be fitted to a ClubSport V2 (the only Fanatec wheel base can be paired up with an Xbox One).

At time of writing, only the Forza releases have been confirmed to feature "full support and integration [for Fanatec peripherals]". That said, other racing games coming to the Xbox One – such as Project CARS and F1 2015 – are also expected to be fully compatible with Fanatec hardware.

Image Source: Endor AG

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