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This week marks the release of F1 Race Stars, a decidedly different, more lighthearted take on F1 featuring big-headed carictures of all the famous F1 drivers in diddy karts racing around exaggerated fantasy versions of the real-life circuits.

It's a curious diversion for Codemasters, and one that will no doubt polarise opinions of F1 fanatics – some will instantly write it off as a kid-friendly kart racer, whereas others will embrace an altnerative take on the all-too-serious F1 license.

Ahead of its release, a playable demo has been made available on XBLA and PSN which should give you a clear idea of what to expect. Alan's been busy putting it through its paces, tearing around F1 Race Stars' fantasy version of the Hockenheim track, testing the different classes of karts and exploring the various powerups. You can watch his findings in the videos below:



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