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News F1 2015 gameplay at Montreal – E3 2015


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Game: F1 2015

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: 10/07/2015

We take to Montreal in our latest F1 2015 gameplay video which comes from the show floor of this years' E3. Montreal is of course home to the Canadian Grand Prix and is one of my personal favourite tracks in the Formula 1 calendar.

Our footage takes place in the cockpit of Daniel Ricciardo's Redbull in a quick 3-lap race starting in 6th place of 18 total runners. Our man Lee nearly loses the backend a number of occasions even with the super softs, particularly coming out of the slower turns. After a lap under his belt though he adjusts well to the Redbull and manages a much cleaner lap.

Admittedly we are not sure which assists, if any, Lee is using here, although the way the car was behaving in the first lap I think it's fair to assume that traction control is off at the very least. Looking at the gameplay it seems perhaps slightly too easy to catch a slide, something which was much harder to do in the early games in the series.

Lee finishes the race in 5th place behind both of the Mercedes and Ferraris improving his grid position by just the one place. We've got more F1 2015 footage to come on our YouTube channel so keep an eye out for that. Check out the F1 2015 gameplay video below.

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