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Alan Boiston

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Game: F1 2014

Platform: PC, PS3, XB360

Publisher: Codemasters

Release Date: 02/10/2014

The second hot lap trailer has been released for Codemasters upcoming F1 2014, this time featuring the Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo who has been quite the sensation in the season so far. With just over 8 weeks till launch we'll be seeing more content revealed of this anticipated update to the franchise. However the decision to stick to current formats has been disappointing news to a lot of gamers unaware of the reasons for this decision, those being to give the developers more time in making a complete generational leap to new hardware and meet expectations.

It is at times like this that it is disappointing to see how unsupportive a lot of gamers can be of the genre in not understanding the full implications in any given decision and why it is made. In that regard it's probably not worth trying and Codemasters are best focused on doing the best they can with 2014 while working to make F1 2015 the game we all know it can be.

I for one am looking forward to the new step up in technology and graphics systems, as ever it will be the start of a new curve in technical development and ushers in the new generation. But that's all for the future, for now, enjoy the F1 2014 Hot Lap of the Austrian Red Bull Ring, a great circuit with considerable heritage and we're glad to see it back on the calendar. More news when we have it. 


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