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Acro Storm is an upcoming racer by indie developer Blue Comet Games that will release sometime in the future on the Nintendo Wii U console. The game is perhaps best described as a high-speed futuristic sci-fi hover-bike racer that is heavily influenced by the likes of F-Zero, Wipeout and Extreme-G games.

Acro Storm will feature 16 different tracks which include jungle planets and even the vacuum of space. Blue Comet mention the game will feature weapons but no details have yet been shared, however, we do know is you'll have the ability to reflect and redirect projectiles by spinning your hover-bike. Check the (extremely) quick teaser video below.

There's 12 characters in all, all of which will have their own story mode, this is said to give a unique viewpoint into each of the characters which seems like an interesting addition to me. You can customise your hover-bike in Acro Storm, including mixing and matching various body parts and installing a new upgraded engine for a performance boost or you can improve the handling with a new headframe for instance.

There's also a track editor in the works that will allow you to construct your own creations to race on. Multiplayer will be included, although Blue Comet haven't yet shared any details on this mode quite yet. We'll keep on eye on this game and provide you with updates as soon as we know more. For now why not check out the early screenshots in the gallery below. What is your all time favourite futuristic racer?

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